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2011/2010: Ensemble Stilbruch. Performances at different events including the “Castle Night” in Potsdam with the ensemble “Lingua Cantat.

Piano accompaniment to Gerome Castell's program Torch Songs From the Heart….to Sing.

2009: Ensemble Stilbruch

Piano accompaniment to Elke Queerbeet's program.

2006-2008: Solo performances and accompaniment of singers.

2004/2005: Piano accompaniment of different literature programs.

2002: Forgotten Memories. An evening with German folk songs. Direction and concept: Matthias Zahlbaum.

2000: Several performances with my solo program Everything Classic in the foyer of the Hilton Hotel in Berlin.

1999: Kleist Theater – Frankfurt/Oder: Piano accompaniment of theatre performances with the director Manfred Weber: The Unexpected One and an adaptation of Ragtime by E.L. Doctorow with the actress Lisa Schnell for the “Kleist Festival”.

1998: Dan Productions: Piano accompaniment for the scenic reading Massel und Schamassel with the actor Manfred Kloss. Touring production with performances in Bremerhafen, Nuremberg and the Shakespeare Theatre in Bremen.

Dan Productions: A Jewish Family Evening. Piano accompaniment of Jewish songs and musical accompaniment for the program.

1993 – 1997: Piano accompaniment of different chanson singers.

1991/ 1992: Theaterhaus Jena: Guest pianist with the house ensemble in the opera The Telephone by Gian-Carlo Menotti.

1991: Festival d'Avignon: Guest pianist with the Ernst Busch School for Theatre: The Telephone and Sinfonietta.

1988: Theater im Zimmer: People Have to Change for the 15th anniversary of the death of Ingeborg Bachmann. Piano accompaniment for a reading with music by H.W. Henze.

1987: Political “Kabarett” with Jurgen Mumm and Chris Kurbjuhn: Kein Querulant in dieser Zeit.

1980 – 1985: Solo piano performances with music by American composers.



2011/2010: Arrangements for the program Torch Songs From the Heart….to Sing

1999: Kleist Theatre – Frankfurt/Oder: Commissions for music to the scenic reading by Manfred Weber The Unexpected Person and Give Him the Car and Hang Him for the Kleist Festival.

1993: Altstadt Theater in Spandau: Choral and piano arrangement for the Song of the Elks from Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night Dream for the play Midsummer Night's Dream by Shakespeare.

1992: Gallery Ermer: Music for the installation La tomb de la Prusse.

1991: Cabaret program: The Air is clear. Music to the lyrics by Helmut Seliger.

1988: Gallery Zindel and Grabner: Exhibition with music: Music Paintings. Music: Colors of an Exhibition. (Sheet music is published by the Music Publisher Stegmann MVS 101)

1987: Kein Querulant in dieser Zeit: Music for the lyrics and music to the program.

Blues for Mr. Chandler. Arrangements of Billie Holiday songs.

1986: Theatre Winterquartier in Munich. Director Andreas Hänsel. Commission for the theatre piece Geier Suite.


2009: New Berliner “Scala” Theatre: Musical Director for the Musical Nunsens.

1991: Di Miro/M.A.R.A.M. Opera –Dance: The Shear or I would Like to Stick Into Your Skin.

1990: In the Crossfire of Critic: Kain Karawahn and Rolf Baumgart. Presentation in Second German Television of international video artists.

No Name Ensemble: three short Operas: The Theatre Director by W.A. Mozart, La Serva Padrona by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and The Telephone by Gian-Carlo Menotti.

Vocal Coaching and Vocal Accompaniment
Chanson: Specialist in Edith Piaf songs, Berlin songs of the 20, 30's and 40's.

Coaching in musical, opera, and operetta.

Special topics: Charles Ives and Ernst Krenek (the early works)





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